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Coordination business of IMPAC.

Taking a picture, coverage, and various coordination business of the wedding and the memorial are received in IMPAC.
We will make the best use of the long experience and knowhow in Palau, and receive it by the coordination along the customer's demand.
Please consult anything.

The inquiry : here

IMPAC receives the coordinations of magazine, television program, promotional film, and CM, etc.
We make the best use of a longtime experience of cultivating it as local arrangements company and an optional tour company, and let the coordinator propose it while comparing the customer's image and nature of Palau according to the content of the project.

Please leave everything from the hotel arrangements and the morning sun from meeting and sending off in us to in the evening.。



We will arrange the day trip on the Peleliu island and the Angaur island and the memorial tours of one night stay.


We will arrange the limousine from holding a ceremony and arrangements of the reception hall at the airline ticket and staying destination


We will arrange the interpreter of English and the Palau word according to the customer's hope