Tour description
Tour name Casting tour
Tour description Catching ‘Giant trevally(GT)’ is the goal for many anglers. Though casting is a tough sport, you must be addictive to the feeling of achievement after each catch. We can prepare your catch as sashimi for your lunch. After tour, we can bring your fish to the restaurant that you prefer so they can prepare the dish that you want (Additional fees apply).
Tour price

$600(1-3 person)
$50/Additional person (max of 3 adults)

Tour duration 8hours(around 9:00-16:00

RockIsland permit ($50/valid for 10days) or Jellyfish Lake permit ($100/valid for 10days)

Fishing permit ($20/valid for 1month)
about permit>Read more
Inclusions Fishing guide,Transportation, lunch, drinks, life jacket, snorkel set and fins(if you want)
Attire light/comfortable clothes.
Things to bring Fishing tackle,globe, hat or cap, sun block and permit (if already purchased), etc.
Minimum # of customer Minimum of 2 adults
Tour course
8:45 Hotel Pick Up
IMPAC staff will pick you up at the hotel. So please wait at the hotel lobby.

Impac Office

After pick up, please go to the reception to pay the necessary fees. There will be boat ride from the Impac dock tocasting point. Then the tour will start

After casting, lunch at desert island or on the boat.

*if you can catch the fish before lunch,you can eat sashimi


*1:if you want, you can go to the snorkeling point.

*Tour schedule will be changed depending on sea condition and weather.


Impac Dock

? Arrive at IMPAC dock。

※Tour course and snorkeling point might? change due to sea condition and weather.

※ normally, lunch will be at Ngermeaus Island
Further notice

please put sun block during tour. The heat in Palau is 5-7 times than Japan.

Money is not needed during tour. Please bring only tour fee. (There is a safety box at Impac office)

Cancel policy

50% cancellation fee arises from 17:00~21:00, a day before tour date. 100% cancellation fee after 21:00, a day before tour date.

Persons with disability Blind OK Deaf OK Mute OK Disabled NO

※Blind and/or disabled person is required to have one travel companion. IMPAC staff will take care of Deaf or Mute, need not be accompanied

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