Tour name Intro Diving tour
Tour price


Tour duration 7hours
RockIsland permit ($50/valid for 10days) or Jellyfish Lake permit ($100/valid for 10days)
about permit>Read more
Inclusions: Lunch, Drinks, Diving gear
Attire light/comfortable clothes.
Things to bring hat or cap, sun block and permit (if already purchased), etc
Minimum # of customer: Minimum of 2 adults
Infantfs participation: Not acceptable
<Additional Information>
For safty reasons, diving shop do not accept diving tour reservation for customers who will depart on the day before tour date..
You must inform the staff of? your height, weight & foot size for diving gear rental.
The 5% discount for E-mail reservation & the promotional free cookies is not applicable on this tour.
Tour course

Hotel Pick Up

Diving shop staff will pick you up at the hotel. So please wait at the hotel lobby

Diving Shop Office

After pick up, please go to the reception to pay the necessary fees. There will be boat ride from the dock. Then the tour will start.

Arrive at desert island
Start intro diving.
Instructor will teach you how to use the diving gear, how to breathe in the sea and how to dive in the deep ocean.


One more diving.
You dive 10m deep in the ocean.

Secound diving may take place before or after lunch.

14F30`15F00 Arrive at Diving shop dock
Further notice

please put sun block during tour. The UV in Palau is 5-7 times than Japan.

Money is not needed during tour. Please bring only tour fee.
Cancel policy

0% cancellation fee two day before tour date.
100% cancellation fee a day before tour date.

Persons with disability Blind NO Deaf OK Mute OK Disabled NO

Blind and/or disabled person is required to have one travel companion.
Diving staff will take care of Deaf or Mute, need not be accompanied.

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