Under Koror state law all tourist must purchase a permit depending on the activity and places to visits.
Tourist must have their permits everytime they go to the ocean and must be presented to rangers if been asked. This permit is not transferable and cannot be sold to anyone else.

Rock Island permit is required ($50 per person/valid for 10days) when you can be used in any ocean activity such like diving, snorkeling, kayaking tour at the Rock Islands and etc (fishing is not included and jellyfish lake) in any part of Koror State.
Children under 6years old do not need any permits.

* If you have any plans to go to Jellyfish lake, We recommend for you to get the Jellyfish Lake permit to avoid additional fees/upgrades.

Jellyfish Lake permit is $100 per person/valid for 10days. This permit can be used in any ocean activities in any part of Koror state rock island including Jellyfish Lake (fishing is not included).

Children under 6years old do not need any permits.

When you join any fishing tour, you must purchase a Fishing permit ($20 per person/valid for 1month).

Children under 12years old does not need Fishing permit but please bring a copy of passport or any valid document showing the child's age.

Depending on the activity, each states has its own permits, taxes or entry fees.

* Peleliu State Permit: has multiple activities, such like diving $30, snorkeling-$10, land tour-$15 (included in tour fee) .
* Ngardmau waterfall Entry fee: $10 per person (Included in tour fee).
* Ngarchelong state tax: $23/Adult and $11.50 Kids for the snorkeling tax fee (Included in tour fee).

Additional information
* All permits and other entry fee must be paid by cash.
* 5% additional charge for credit card payments.