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Meal is one of the enjoyments of travel.
Please drink delicious sake eating a lot of delicious things after it plays to one's heart's content.

I will guide the restaurant, the cafe, and the bar of Palau from local food to the full course dinner
■JIVE Cafe&restaurant

OPEN:7:00 - 10:00/:16:30 - 23:00
It is a restaurant in an open terrace where it can enjoy beautiful Sunset.
The menu of here is abundant from the dry snack of the tavern style to the meal menu.
There are wine, a shochu, and a cocktail that the owner chose, too.
It is addition Koror city free meeting and sending off

Privilege : The person who participated in the tour of the sea of the IMPAC TOURS sponsoring and the tour of the waterfall has the privilege.

Card : Various credit cards・T/C
BBI Bus stop N



Not only the Chinese cuisine but also snack has been enhanced here. Pasta is also popular.

WELTSH BAR OPEN:16:00 - 24:00

It is a bar where the view that is next to the lobby is good.

Card : Various credit cards・T/C
BBI Bus stop H


Here arranges goods and there are abundant sake and shochus.
An original cocktail etc. of the fruit from Palau have enhanced the drink. Meal is a handy price

Card : Various credit cards・T/C
The TAXI use recommends it.


Dock side restaurant
The Brazil dish and a la carte are here.

Wine is abundantly collected.

There are a sushi, slices of raw fish, and a table d'hote using the material of Palau.

The combustion crab is recommended.

Real Indian food.
"Nan" burnt with a special boiler is a rarity.
The kind of the curry is very abundant with Nan.

A tandoori chicken and Lassie, etc. are also recommended.

South Korea roast meat.
There is a counter also in the outside.

Meal can be taken home.

Real Thai food.

Tom yam goong, a green curry, and pattai are popular

Work to make the noodle can be seen in the presence.
The ramen is popular.

The vinegar pickle of seaweed served by passing and the sesame oil dressing of the cucumber are also popular.

It is a restaurant of real Korean food.

It is South Korea roast meat enough volume.

A hamburger here was introduced with a lot of media.

The hamburger with the volume might not be able to be called snack.
There are various table d'hotes, sushis, Chef's recommendation menu

There are a la carte and hinabe.
In the destination, the vegetable tends to be insufficient.
It can eat enough vegetable with hinabe.

A homemade source is delicious

Restaurant that exists in facing of shopping center.

The Japanese food that uses the ingredient of Palau is the main.
Chinese cuisine.

There are a lot of table d'hotes with the volume.
It is a shop in which the Palau person often gathers.

As for a little different Japanese food, it might be worth eating.

There are a lot of menus such as the hamburger, the pizza, pastas, and the steaks with the volume.
Restaurant readily put.

It is popular also among locals.

Restaurant established as an annex in "Kumagai bakery".
There are the Philippines dish and a Japanese food.
Any dish has the volume.

The fried rice is $2.50 and might exist for four.
■BEST CAFE & Doughnut ?House

Doughnut shop that is on the back side of PALASIA.

Clam chowder is also popular.

Korean food.

Roast meat, the Bibimbap, and the cold noodle are recommended.

Red rooster
Restaurant of Westplaza hotel by the sea near "T dog".
Harmony table d'hote and shabu-shabu. The seat in an open terrace is also recommended.

Korean food

Tavern with dish using ingredient of Palau.
Mastering meets it with the counter.

There is free meeting and sending off.

There are a lot of dishes and an Okinawa dishes using the ingredient of Palau.
The soup of the fruit bat is also famous.

Meeting and sending off adheres, too, if it reserves it.

There are meuniere of [shakogai] and a tempura of the dasheen.
It is a tavern with a lot of dishes that use the ingredient of local.
A mangrove crab and a fresh mangrove shellfish are recommended.

(It is likely not to arrive by the weather. )

Coconut Terrace
It eats the sea it can eat the a la carte dinner buffet though it is the truth.
The theme is decided to the dinner buffet every evening.
The dance show is announced on the soil and the day.

(There is a case of the change. )

This restaurant is a mood of the southern island.
It can eat fresh seafood of local and the local dish of Palau.

Queen king & dinner(appointment system)
The evening sun and starry sky are spent please spend a special dinnertime only of two people though it is the truth.

It is a gorgeous dinner by the exclusive steward's escort.

It is a bar of the highest though evening sun is seen poolside.

"Shark attack" of an original cocktail is popular.

Grill/creating international dish
Restaurant where beautiful sea and islands of Koror can be seen from height.
It can eat fresh seafood and delicious meat in the grill by the space refined most in Palau.
It is possible to spend it comfortably in a terrace, a private room, a dining bar lounge, and various places.
A reasonable lunch is popular.
There is free round trip meeting and sending off.
The meeting and sending off at the lunch time is charged (round trip $5).
Present of voucher from restaurant.

Please present it when you come.
■Rose Garden

Rainbow view restaurant
It can eat the dish of [ajian-teisuto] while seeing the scenery of beautiful Palau.

There are a sandwich and snack, too.

Ugly way restaurant
It can eat a la carte and the buffet of the Japanese food, the European food, and the Chinese cuisine while seeing the sea.
The vegetable in local and Italian food that used the seafood are recommended. \

It is necessary to reserve it to "Chef's leaving course".

Breeze beach bar snack & grill
Bar on beach side.

It is possible to eat and not only alcohol but also coffee has been enhanced.

Eating while seeing the sea in the terrace seat is recommended.
The brewery of beer "Red rooster" of local is in the inside of a store.

It is possible to visit it the glass.
■Kure-ma-zu cafe
It can eat a home German beer and a stateless menu while seeing the sea in the seat in an open terrace.
■Little Beijing

Restaurant on [Marakaru- Beach] side.

It can eat a real Chinese cuisine in the terrace seat
■Ripputaido bar& grill

Restaurant & bar in seaside.
It is irregular though there is a thing that a local band is performing.

It is the highest location that drinks sake while seeing the star.
■Drop-off Bar Grill

Bar & grill in open air.
It is possible to eat from snack to the dry snack.

It is possible to stop readily.

"Taste like home cooking" of Palau.
It is from Japanese food to the Palau dish.

The leaving course is also popular.