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There is no public transportation in Palau.
Please take the shuttle bus, the taxi, and the rent-a-car.

When going to eat and to shop, convenient "BBI shuttle bus" is recommended.

The BBI shuttle bus is going it round the Koror island, the Arakabesan island, the Marakaru island, the hotel, the restaurant, and the shopping center.
The BBI shuttle bus is operating it from the evening to 10 PM.
In the BBI shuttle bus, the ticket of one week unlimited ride is one person $7.

The ticket is sold by the Inn packing, the tour desk, and the bus driver.

The round route of the BBI shuttle bus includes A route and B route.

Please refer to the route map.

Taxi guide
Please apply for the taxi in the front desk and the restaurant, etc. at the hotel.
The taxi of Palau doesn't have the meter rate.

You must confirm the charge to a target place to the driver beforehand.

Rent-a-car guide

The application for the rent-a-car is received in the Inn packing.

Charter guide for group.
37 introducing oneself motor coach is prepared from seven introducing oneself van in the Inn packing.

We are receiving the charter for the group.