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Enjoy full day of fun in the Rock Islands. It is a great experience cruising around the scenic islands, visiting Milky Way which is known of gbeauty mud packh, swimming at famous snorkel points and taking lunch at beautiful beach. This tour will end by 3 PM so you can go out shopping or join the dinner cruise after the tour.
Adult $80, Child $45


We will take you to the world famous Jellyfish Lake where thousands of harmless jellyfish exists. There is no regret getting into a mysterious world which you can never experience in other countries. In addition you can enjoy Milky Way, snorkeling and lunch at the beach. This tour will end by 3 PM so you can go out shopping or join the dinner cruise after the tour
Adult$90, Child $50

Kayaking is one of the most popular activities in Palau. Our tour will paddle down the mangrove channel and visit the marine lake. During the tour, you can observe diverse endemic animals and plants which inhabit the jungle. Of course you also have a chance to enjoy Palaufs beautiful ocean by visiting Milky Way and famous snorkeling points.(Kayaking course is arranged depending on weather and tide.)
Adult$95, Child $50: Min of 2 Adults / 7.5 hours

Full day excursion of all tours, rock island, Jellyfish Lake and kayaking, makes your trip unforgettable. It is a combination of all activities that you want to do in the Rock Islands. Come and feel the amazing nature in Palau by paddling kayak and swimming with jellyfish. This tour is especially recommended to tourists with tight schedule. (Kayaking course is arranged depending on weather and tide.)
Adult$100, Child $55

Visiting the star shaped island gCarp Islandh is exclusive in our tour. You can enjoy various activities and BBQ lunch on the Island. Differ from the others; this tour is an excursion to the southern area of the Rock Islands. Walking along the beautiful white powdery sand beach gLong Beachh (can be seen only at low tide), cruising through German Channel, snorkeling at Big Drop off (both are famous diving spot) are added attractions in Palau. You will be amazed of Palau`s wonderful nature.
Adult$125, Child $75

Take a visit to the untouched paradise, Kayangel Island, the northernmost state of Palau. Travel time is 2.5 hours, one way from IMPAC dock to this secluded island where you can enjoy tranquility, pristine white beach and clear blue water. A great escape from your modern and busy world. Savor a delightful seafood Palauan style lunch.
Adult$190, Child $120

Best kayaking tour from Wonderful World Palau
We will choose the best course for you. where you can explore the beauty of the ocean and rock islands.
Enjoy palau even a short amount of time,your snorkeling in a very calm and clear water. see all the corals, fishes and other marine life.
Single kayak$75.00
Double kayak$140.00
Time & distance:3h/1.5miles

You donft need special skills to join this tour. Anybody can enjoy this easy style fishing at the inner reef of the Rock Islands. During the tour, you can also swim at the snorkel spot(s) and enjoy the crystal clear underwater world. We can prepare sashimi from your fish catch , a Palawan style lunch..

Adult$95, Child $60

Palau is one of the famous oceans for trolling and sports fishing where you can expect to catch big ones! Letfs go out for an exciting fishing tour with friendly skillful boat captain. It is another fun to eat your fish after the tour. If you request to go snorkeling, your captain will take you to the clear blue snorkeling spot!

$600 (1-3 people), $50/ additional person
Fishing gGiant trevally(GT)h is an admiration for many anglers. Though casting is a tough sport, you must be addictive to the feeling of achievement after each catch. You can enjoy your fresh catch sashimi at lunch time as Sashimi. After the tour, we can deliver your fish to the restaurant you preferred.
$600 (1-2 people), $50/ additional person
Letfs go out for night fishing by our boat! It is an easy style fishing so everybody can join this tour. When you look into the ocean you can see the noctilunas glowing mysteriously. Enjoying sunset and starlit sky from the horizon will be the additional spice on this tour (weather dependent). Our restaurant, Jive Cafe&Restaurant, adjacent to our office is available to cook your catch. (Additional charge applies). Tour Day:Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat
Adult$70, Child $45

Palau is the one of the most famous diving spot in the world. Many divers visit Palau to enjoy the wonderful ocean resources. gDiving in Palauh is not a dream anymore. You can go out diving and see various schools of tropical fish even though you donft have a diving license.? A well trained diving staff will guide you to the underwater world. There is no need to worry about your skill, just leave it to your guide and relax.

Diving at the outer reef must be an unforgettable experience. Diving in Palau is an admiration for most divers. The only requirement is to join gIntro diving gor gEarly Morning Intro diving gbefore participating in this tour.
This tour is for divers with license. Letfs go out for a dive into the clear blue ocean of Palau.